Dr, Capizzi and Dr. Durante Board Certified General Surgeons
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Welcome to our practice...

Now Offering Bariatric Surgery and Lap Band Procedures

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Way Lee MD to our practice a proud graduate of the university of Cincinnati's College of Medicine, Dr. Lee is a general surgeon specializing in Bariatric Surgery while also performing Lap Band procedures. We are very excited to be working with our new colleague if you have any questions reguarding Bariatric Surgery or Lap Band Procedures please do not hesisitate to contact us.

Our Equipment Includes:

Philips Envisor B01 Ultrasound System used for ultra sound imaging of the breast thyroid carotid arteries and vascular system as well as intra operative imaging during procedures

Dornier 940 Didode Laser used for evlt and cosmetic removal of spider and reticular veins

The sciton profile featuring the clear scan 1064nd yag ,contour 2940 nm er yag and the broad band light modules witch enables us to do a wide variety of corrective skin treatment in roughly the amount of time you usually take for lunch

Anthony J Capizzi MD FACS Keith R Durante MD FACS board certified general surgeons specializing in breast and vascular surgery for over 19 years. They are proud to be offering the latest in medical technology including Mammosite RTS (to aid in the treatment of breast cancer), endovenous laser thermal ablation or EVLT the treatment for varicose veins and many other non invasive cosmetic treatments. They also pride themselves on their professional friendly and caring staff. Anthony J Capizzi MD FACS and Keith R Durante MD FACS are affiliated exclusively with Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, N.Y. and are located just next door.
The office also offers on site vascular testing including duplex imaging and pulse volume recording or arterial studies. A monthly breast cancer support group, lymph edema education and custom fit compression garments.

All cosmetic procedures as well as EVLT and Mammosite implantation are done in the office and are minimally invasive. At the most some procedures require a local or topical anesthetic

Vascular, Breast, and Laser Cosmetic Surgery Suffolk County New York  

Dr. Anthony J. Capizzi, M.D. & Dr. Keith R. Durante, M.D.
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