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The amount of cosmetic procedures performed in the United States has significantly increased over the past several years and thanks to the rapidly evolving technology of lasers and light are becoming more widely accepted. Procedures are minimally invasive and in many instances require no down time. Lasers are quickly becoming the standard of elective cosmetic surgery some of the more commonly performed procedures are facial peels( to restore skins youth full and radiant glow ), photo rejuvenation to undue the damage from the suns UV rays including riding one of unsightly and age identifying dark spots), wrinkle reduction, removal of unwanted hair, pigmented lesions (red or brown moles ) and veins, the reduction of acne, acne rosacea and scars. All of these procedures are performed in the physician’s office and usually require no anesthetic however a topical anesthetic (numbing cream applied to the skin) can be given. There are few reasons why one should not receive laser or light therapies some of those reasons include a patients pre disposition to scaring and in some instances a persons ethnic background can limit the use of certain lasers although many lasers today are safe for use on all skin types as part of your initial consultation you and your physician should discuss these possible risk factors in order to design the right treatment plan for you

Other safe and effective alternatives to traditional surgery are Botox ® and injectable dermal fillers such as Restalyne, Juvaderm and Cosmaderm. Botox ® mainly used to treat deep creases or the upper portion of the face such as the fore head, outer eyes (crows feet) and the glabella (the eleven lines) it can also be used to lift brows and, is proven effective on reducing migraines and perfuse sweating. Contrary to what you may have heard Botox ® is safe and has been safely administered for medical treatment for over 25 years including over 20 years of treatment on children without any major reported side effects. Dermal fillers give instant gratification for those complaining of deep lines or creases in the lower portion of the face such as the nasal labial folds (deep defining lines that extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth) and the loss or lack of volume of the mouth area and lips, as well as fine lines extending from the lips.

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